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Partner Funding Request Form  

The proof of funds document verifies the legitimacy of a purchase offer by demonstrating that the potential buyer has sufficient funds to execute the deal.

As a simple example, let’s imagine that you’re purchasing a home and need to obtain a mortgage.

Upon expressing your interest in buying the home, the subsequent step is to provide certain documentation requested by the seller.

Sellers often request a POF letter to ensure the buyer has enough cash available to cover the purchase costs of the home, which can include:

  • Down Payment
  • Escrow
  • Closing Costs

Unless the buyer can prove it has adequate cash, the seller is unlikely to proceed with the sale process.

Here, the buyer would likely share documentation such as:

  • Recent Bank Statements
  • Letter of Recommendation from Previous Landlords
  • Signed Letter from Bank on Liquid Funds Available
  • Background Check from Credit Agency

The buyer’s credibility can be assessed by the seller using these documents to eventually determine if the purchase offer is viable.

Proof of Funds Letter